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Our companyA-Team Composites Ltd.

A-Team Composites Ltd. is a British Columbia composite design and manufacturing firm, specializing in fiberglass material.

Established in November 2015, with active sales operations beginning in June 2016, the company is a privately held corporation owned in partnership by Joe Fulop and Jim Sproule.

Currently, most composite product and mold manufacturing firms in Western Canada are focused on niche categories, leaving customers seeking services or products outside of a niche scope unable to have their vision produced.

A-Team offers its services across an unlimited range of categories, working closely with a variety of industry clients as well as individual end consumers.


Joe Fulop

Partner - A-Team Composites Ltd.

Joe has over 25 years in the fiberglass industry.

Jim Sproule

Partner - A-Team Composites Ltd.

Jim has 23 years of experience in carpentry.

Tony Fulop

Tony Fulop

Partner - A-Team Composites Ltd.

Tony has 30 years experience with all types of material from RTM to VRM and is a Certified Composite Technician.