Custom fiberglass, repairs, and modifications

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Joe Fulop

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Joe began work in the fiberglass industry in 1991.  Hired by Marine Plastics as a sander, Joe gradually worked his way through every manufacturing position in the company culminating in the Tooling Department.  As Assistant Supervisor Joe furthered his education in research and development using the Catia program and Faro Arm, crucial tools that are utilized in building RTM molds for OEM truck and marine manufacturing firms.  While at Marine Plastics, Joe worked on large projects such as the Green Energy Project, Wind Turbines, Underwater Turbines, the Disneyland Mono Rail, manufacturing truck components for a broad range of top tier trucking and transportation firms, such as Kenworth, Freight Liner, Sterling and Western Star, and much more.

Joe moved on to work at ECO Fab Maintenance as a Production Supervisor, building train car covers for Teck Industries.  During the summer of 2015, Joe ventured out on his own and started building 30-foot boats for Loki Ocean Enterprises Inc.

A-Team Composites Ltd was born!